by The Kopek Millionaires



Its Christmas, Buy this single so I don't have to eat the cat for Christmas dinner


released December 12, 2016

Written, recorded, engineered produced and mastered by JSK



all rights reserved


The Kopek Millionaires Manchester, UK

Mostly studio based project from Goldblade, A.N.W.L, Business, Texas Terri, Jayne County guitarist. Fast, catchy punk rock'n'roll. Total D.I.Y, self made, produced and released.

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Track Name: All I Want For Christmas
All I want for Christmas is to be alone, stay at home switch off my phone.
All I want from Santa is some solitude cos I'm in the mood to be all by myself.

You know I'm not a people person so I'm reverting to just myself and me
There's one thing of which I'm certain I'm preferring my own company

Don't send a card or a bauble for me tree then you won't be disappointed when you never hear from me.
Don't send a gift or an invitation out then you won't be offended when I blow you out.

This is the season of goodwill to all men if I can't spread some goodwill now, then when
Should be the season of goodwill to all men but then again . . .

It's Merry Christmas so fuck you one and all.
Track Name: Christmas Girl
Will you be my Christmas girl oh my Christmas girl, I'll give you my world if you'll be my Christmas girl oh my Christmas girl, you got my head in a whirl.

You know that I love you and we should be together but my loves not just for Christmas it's forever

You know that Santa makes a list and he's checking it twice but I'm always on the naughty list cos I've never been nice, but for you I'll be nice.