Dirty Beef Hands EP

by The Kopek Millionaires

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4th release from J.S.K records a brand new slice of infectious glam punk power pop.
Another little beauty here stuffed full of catchy tunes. Seven songs again, must be a lucky number or something. More about life, less about love. Very proud of this release in terms of songs, production and performance. Again the drumming is superb and even the vocals are in tune for the most part. Things are looking up.


released July 20, 2014

Written, recorded, produced and made by The Kopek Millionaires at Trolley Dolly studios in Manchester.
The Kopek Millionaires may or may not be;
Johny Skullknuckles - Vocals, Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Ukelele, & Mellotron
Johny Vincent - Vocals, Electric & Acoustic Basses & Hammond Organ
Roland Irate - Vocals, Drums, Percussion & Moog Synth.
Additional Backing vocals provided by The Angelic Poptarts



all rights reserved


The Kopek Millionaires Manchester, UK

Mostly studio based project from Goldblade, A.N.W.L, Business, Texas Terri, Jayne County guitarist. Fast, catchy punk rock'n'roll. Total D.I.Y, self made, produced and released.

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Track Name: The Things You Do
The things you do come back to haunt you
The things you say never really go away
The ones you hurt well they don't forget you
Now your looking over, over your shoulder
As you get older
Your past will always get you in the end
Track Name: Oh Lizzie Oh
Oh Lizzie Oh where did you go
Will I ever get to see your face again
Oh Lizzie Oh how could I know
That my life would never be the same again once I met you . . .

What could I do
You made me feel that everything I thought was right was wrong
To be with you
What I wouldn't do
I'd trade in all my lives and loves if you would sing my song

It was just one kiss well heaven knows
A moment of bliss when I held you close
Just one kiss and 14 texts
6 emails but what happened next
Track Name: So Sick In A
Well here I go I think I'll walk on water again just to let you know how good I feel
Well there I go when I caught your eye it was the start, when you caught my ego it all fell apart

Now I feel sick so sick so sick when I see you

Cos you remind me of all my stupidity
And you remind me of all my idiocies
And you remind me of when things were really good
Just like I wish they could be again

Well here I go
I should have looked the other way but I'm just so weak what can I say
Well there I go my Midas touch is on the wain
Everything around me just turns to shit

I was just a bit of rough that you could get
Just a bad boy with a safety net
A trophy Rock'n'Roller with guest lists and cool tattoos
Now I feel sick when I see you
Track Name: Head Over Heels In Lust
She had the Chemical smile in her eyes
I knew right then I'd be telling lies
But I didn't really care
Cos all I could do was stand and stare
She was intoxicatingly close
If love is the drug then I've overdosed
Cos I can tell you I was really just
Head over heels in lust

Everything was just right
The colour of her hair and a smile so bright
And the promise of pleasures to come
My body went electric and my mind went numb
Its just like drinking from the top shelf
Tonight I wont be dancing with myself
I can tell you I was really just
Head over heels and . . . .

Lost, I'm lost, lost in lust
I'm lost I'm lost again and again
I'm lost I'm lost oh man its always the same
I'm lost in lust again

I fell from the safety of dry lad
Now I'm swimming in a sea of women and
I'm looking for somebody to cling to looking for somebody just like you

I had the chemical smile in my eye
I knew right then she was telling lies
But I didn't really care
Cos the only place I wanted to be was there
And I'm drinking from the top shelf
Tonight I wont be dancing with myself
Cos I can tell you I was really just
Head over heels in lust

And I'm lost . . .
Track Name: Half The Man
This mid life crisis never ends
It haunts you to your bitter end
As you try to spend the currency
Your youth had in abundancy
How does it feel now you know your pockets are empty

Hyenas gather by the hour
Laughing as you lose your power
Turning into your own prey
Hunted by your yesterdays
A victim of your own insecurity

Oh its so cold now you feel so old
And your scared to let the world see
That your not half the man that you used to be

Joke shop shades wont hide your fears
And just for Men wont hide the years
On your knees in search of breath
Afraid of life
Afraid of death
Now you feel its all beyond your ability
Track Name: 1981
I wish it was 1981
When I was still walking in the sun
Life was so much fun
I felt like I was number 1
Way back in 1981
My life had just begun
Hanging with the girls
And man I had the world at my feet . ..

At least that's how it seemed
I always knew just how to play the game
But the rules all seemed to change
And it never was the same again

I wish it was 1982
When I had fuck all else to do
Except playing my guitar
Man I was going to be a star
Way back in 1982
When everything was new
A leather jacket and nothing to lose
I never thought I'd choose another way

If only I'd known I'd have done so much more than kiss
If someone had told me its never gonna be this way again
These are the days that I miss
If someone had told me
It don't get better than this oh no it never got better than this

I wish it was 1983
I still loved life and it loved me
And everything I'd see
Was still a possibility
Way back in 1984
We were still knocking on the door
And I was so damn sure
That life held so much more
When I was young
Track Name: This Time Next Year
I say don't worry
I know life can be a bitch
But just keep on smiling on
Cos this time next year we'll be rich

I say Just be happy
I know it will take a while
But just keep on keeping on
Cos this time next year we might smile

I say I'm sorry
I thought that we could cope
But just keep on grinding on
Cos this time next year we might have a hope

I say there's no hurry
I know I kinda lost my head
but there's no point keeping on
Cos this time next year we'll be . . . . .